Week 5 in pictures

Walk to Temple Mount
Shabbat in our neighborhood
Yad Hashmonah
Good bye Jerusalem

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Returning Home

The last few days in Israel meant squeezing in as much as I possibly could to go and to do things I meant to do while there and didn’t find time for. The weather which had been hot and hazy with humidity, became more and more a dusty orange-brown haze in every direction until Thursday, October 25th when the skies darkened to dark grey just before the rain began.  I had driven the rental car into the city near the King David hotel and decided to try to go to the temple mount not far away. As I began walking I passed the special place where Duane had proposed to me. I had forgotten about this place until I walked past, so I paused a bit thinking about how much the face of Jerusalem had changed in the years since our life was centered there and how Duane would see it now.

Down pour at the Western Wall

I arrived at the entrance to the temple mount at the same time as the dark clouds and huge thunder claps did. As I slowly passed through the security line, the rain began leaving big drops of muddy water on everything, then pouring down to wash away five months of dust in just five minutes. They the sun was out again with mostly blue skies by the time they opened the door to allow the large group to visit– with even more police and restrictions than my previous trips years ago. Thank you Lord, for the rain and the opportunities…

My last Shabbat was memorable. I got to do some of the preparation for a few Korean ladies to come to share Erev Shabbat with us. It was a wonderful time, in spite of my hostess’s lingering illness that disappeared again the next morning. I visited another familiar congregation in the morning and then spent the day with my friend in Abu Ghosh, praying and sharing ministry updates and then a quick kebab meal at our favorite restaurant there.

Jordan beyond the Judean hills

Rains had cleared much of the dust from the air so I finally saw the mountains of Jordan across the Judean hills from where I stayed. It had taken an entire month before they were visible and it was quite awe inspiring. Sunday I was able to help my friend with starting a blog site, then another amazing meal at a restaurant in En Kerem before attending the service at King of Kings where we enjoyed the music of Philips, Craig and Dean who were visiting with tour groups from their congregations in the states. They ended with the same song that I had chosen for Duane’s memorial service, the Revelation Song. How appropriate to end my time in Jerusalem this trip.

God is Amazing!

Thank you to all who prayed and supported me during this ministry trip. I will be sharing details of the things that God showed me and the on-going vision he has for this ministry in various venues in the near future. I look forward to sharing with all who are interested in hearing what God is doing in and through Horizon Ministries. So for now, Shalom!!!

Memories and More, New Friends and Old…

Last Shabbat was a wonderful sharing of friendship and caring with a couple of my dear friends at Paul’s place. Naamah and her son came as well. We played, and prayed, and worshiped, and ate as we celebrated the gift of the Lord’s Shabbat we have the privilege to share in Jerusalem. Walking home I was filled with wonder and gratitude as I stopped to take lots of photos of the beautiful sights in Yemin Moshe. (some are online, the link is in the next blog) This restful day helped prepare for a very busy week to follow.

Sunday I met with dear friends Barb and Barnie who have now become closer than ever after hearing the amazing stories of Barnie’s heritage, salvation, history and so much more! Thank you Lord for making this happen. I was so blessed to spend time with these amazing treasures hidden in Jerusalem.

I was privileged then to spend an afternoon with Chuck and Liz Kopp, who were our pastors and dear friends while we lived in Jerusalem. We shared memories and caught up on friends and ministries I haven’t had time to meet with. In between meetings, I did a bit of prayer walking and visiting familiar places. One of those was Ramat Rachel.

Chuppah at Ramat Rachel

Again these meetings were preparation for Wednesday’s visit to the Galilee for a special, very intimate memorial for Duane with our dear friend Paul. I rented a car and enjoyed the drive up the Jordan valley. It so very beautiful, and I had not seen it in many years. Thank you God for a road trip!  I am so thankful for all the Lord put on Paul’s heart to share as we honored Duane on the shores of the Kinneret (the northern Galilee near Capernaum where Jesus spent so much time–see pic at top) and close to the location Duane told so many stories about. With all the tourists filling the place, it was wonderful that God gave us a private setting to have this special memorial. Only the fish seemed to take note of our visit, coming toward the shore and jumping into the air occasionally playfully observing us.

We were then invited to a home for lunch nearby where again we ate, worshiped, and shared hearts. No other ministry comes closer to the heart of God than the sharing of hearts in him except perhaps touching the hearts of orphans and widows with his heart. I am so blessed to know and to continue to meet hearts that beat with the Heart of the Father.

Thank you all for praying for those divine appointments. Everyday He blows me away with the plans that He has for my path. Truly I am blessed!


Time flies…


Wow! Several times I have set down to write some of the exciting paths God has led me down the past week and I just get overwhelmed with all there is to say and explain. I have begun uploading pictures, which I hope to share soon of the sights I have taken in along this journey. Hopefully they will be pictures that are worth a thousand words, declaring God’s glory, his love and his divine providence. Many of the stories I could tell you are too private to share publicly, so I will attempt a synopsis here, and pray that the links to pictures help fill in some of the gaps.

Zedekiah’s Cave under the Old City

I volunteered and connected a bit with Eagles Wings Awake Jerusalem Conference for the couple days they were worshiping and praying around Jerusalem. These places included Zedekiah’s Cave, the Garden Tomb, and a divine encounter at the garden of Gethsemane. Every day that week, God directed my steps with his perfect timing to confirm his divinely ordained purposes in my daily walk with him here.

I planned to celebrate and honor Duane’s memory on his birthday Oct 15 with a dear friend of ours. While walking in Jerusalem I “bumped into” this friend twice prior to that day. Such clear evidence that God wanted to bless and encourage my every footstep. Even an unexpected tender touch of healing and blessing on October 10th, that poured healing balm on a deep wound in my spirit due to the great loss and grief of a still born daughter some 34 years ago. God’s love is so very gentle and comforting, words cannot explain this kind of encounter with God. Sharing happy memories of Duane’s life and ministry in Israel over food and his beloved chocolate was a fitting way to honor him on his birthday.

Splashes of color and heavenly scents

Each day that passes I ask God where he wants me to go. And he has spoken to me often on the journey. The beauty in the sky, the flowers, the heavenly scent of lingering jasmine blossoms, and  the sights and sounds of Jerusalem. Oh, yes, and the flavors of fresh vegetables and fruits– falafels and all the foods of Israel! I haven’t had time to blog all the nuggets of revelation and encouragement God has blessed me with, but I am praying for an adjustment in my personal ministry schedule to have time to do this when I return.


Two places the Lord sent me were a prayer walk around the Knesset and a journey through Warren’s shaft under the city of David. There are so many things to pray about as the challenges of everyday life in Israel and the rumblings of potential escalations in the conflict going on with her neighbors–lately in Gaza, keep us who are seeking to effectively pray for Israel very busy on our knees!

Keep praying friends!

City of David

Entrance to Warren’s Shaft

(Links to more pictures coming soon!)