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We love the people of Israel, Jacob's descendants; and in today's nation of Israel, both Jew and Gentile alike. We pray for the salvation of all people who live in this land that belongs first and foremost to God. Ruth Mayfield is an author and minister who shares her faith, insight, and love of God in blogs, books, and through speaking engagements.

Time flies…


Wow! Several times I have set down to write some of the exciting paths God has led me down the past week and I just get overwhelmed with all there is to say and explain. I have begun uploading pictures, which I hope to share soon of the sights I have taken in along this journey. Hopefully they will be pictures that are worth a thousand words, declaring God’s glory, his love and his divine providence. Many of the stories I could tell you are too private to share publicly, so I will attempt a synopsis here, and pray that the links to pictures help fill in some of the gaps.

Zedekiah’s Cave under the Old City

I volunteered and connected a bit with Eagles Wings Awake Jerusalem Conference for the couple days they were worshiping and praying around Jerusalem. These places included Zedekiah’s Cave, the Garden Tomb, and a divine encounter at the garden of Gethsemane. Every day that week, God directed my steps with his perfect timing to confirm his divinely ordained purposes in my daily walk with him here.

I planned to celebrate and honor Duane’s memory on his birthday Oct 15 with a dear friend of ours. While walking in Jerusalem I “bumped into” this friend twice prior to that day. Such clear evidence that God wanted to bless and encourage my every footstep. Even an unexpected tender touch of healing and blessing on October 10th, that poured healing balm on a deep wound in my spirit due to the great loss and grief of a still born daughter some 34 years ago. God’s love is so very gentle and comforting, words cannot explain this kind of encounter with God. Sharing happy memories of Duane’s life and ministry in Israel over food and his beloved chocolate was a fitting way to honor him on his birthday.

Splashes of color and heavenly scents

Each day that passes I ask God where he wants me to go. And he has spoken to me often on the journey. The beauty in the sky, the flowers, the heavenly scent of lingering jasmine blossoms, and  the sights and sounds of Jerusalem. Oh, yes, and the flavors of fresh vegetables and fruits– falafels and all the foods of Israel! I haven’t had time to blog all the nuggets of revelation and encouragement God has blessed me with, but I am praying for an adjustment in my personal ministry schedule to have time to do this when I return.


Two places the Lord sent me were a prayer walk around the Knesset and a journey through Warren’s shaft under the city of David. There are so many things to pray about as the challenges of everyday life in Israel and the rumblings of potential escalations in the conflict going on with her neighbors–lately in Gaza, keep us who are seeking to effectively pray for Israel very busy on our knees!

Keep praying friends!

City of David

Entrance to Warren’s Shaft

(Links to more pictures coming soon!)



Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem – Oct 7, 2018

It was so wonderful to see some good friends serving with Eagles Wings. The event televised on God TV was Eagles Wings biggest event of this kind ever. The worship was amazing and the speakers were really good. I especially appreciated the heart of Michael Oren that came through as he shared some of his own story. The venue at the Haas Promenade was perfect, with a nice breeze and scattered clouds covering us until sunset. As I mentioned to some of you, I am volunteering for the next few days in support of their support of Israel.

The past few days were spent mostly “resting” in the Lord. I was blessed to visit the Narkis Street congregation and visit with a few friends there which I had not seen the week before. I have been rising early in the morning to greet the day at sunrise– many of you know I am not a morning person, so this is a special treat for me! And I had the opportunity to devour the book, True Stories of the Miracles of AZUZA STREET and Beyond by Tommy Welchel and Michelle P. Griffith. Wow! Beyond reading of testimonies of the miraculous, these stories are of mostly teenagers that were a part of the revival. Not just witnesses, but participants as God used them to heal others while they experienced the anointing of the leaders of that revival and the Shekinah glory cloud and fire. It’s powerful. Youth leaders would offer their young people a great gift to hear these stories and plant seeds for them to seek God’s visitation again, as prophesied for this day.

God continues to direct my steps. I met a young lady yesterday that is involved in a volunteer program for assisting harvesting in the north of Israel. I haven’t got the link for that one yet. I had signed up to volunteer for this a couple years ago, but was not able to come to Israel at that time. It was interesting, she approached me to ask if she knew me. Kindred spirits greeting one another in Jerusalem. I love it!

Thank you all for your continued prayers. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem– every day, as often as you can. Yes, there was a terror attack in the North of Israel yesterday, and the crazy fighting at the border of Gaza is still escalating. Many days I hear the jets flying over head to their destinations around Israel to patrol, and keep peace. But we know there can be no real man made peace, as hard as some men try to bring it to pass. Only God can give peace to Jerusalem, to Israel, and to all men. Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27

A misty sunrise over the Judean hills

Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace…

God knew I came to Israel rather exhausted. I hit the ground running as he guided my footsteps. But I am so thankful for the Shabbat rest both on Saturday and again on Monday at the end of the Sukkot holiday. What a wonderful time of joyous celebration it has been! Just being back in the familiar places, smelling the air, eating falafel on King George Street… taking some time to relax. Thank you God!

I spent most of Monday finishing up some work assignments from back home and then stayed in the apartment seeking the Lord, worshipping, and praying. It’s been unusually hot in Jerusalem for this time of year, not pleasant to do the amount of walking I generally do. Monday was 91 degrees and 75% humidity. Keeping hydrated is important, as is staying in the shade. Meanwhile when I am out, I just keep “bumping into” people I know. That is Jerusalem. It’s so good to be back.

Tuesday I visited Succat Hallel for some amazing worship and prayer. There were some Korean workers on their way to Turkey that we prayed for along with Pastor Andrew, his wife and family. He has been in prison there for two years now. I was here back then when we first heard of the unjust detention and imprisonment. The situation still needs intense prayer, but there is much evidence of God’s hand working in Turkey because of this. People please keep praying as God leads you!

I met with my friend that I ministered with when I was in Israel two years ago. She was at that prayer meeting along with a friend of hers, who is now my friend too. We shared a very middle-eastern lunch and some uplifting conversation, then I headed back to the apartment and had an interesting divine encounter in the SuperPharm. God is just too amazing to describe sometimes. I shake my head and laugh at his creative guidance in every and any circumstance. I am so thankful that our God is everything his Names describe him to be. And he loves us so much more than we can begin to comprehend. He truly IS worthy of our trust and our worship.

*please forgive the advertisements– that’s not from me

Delays and Divine Appointments

This time a well planned trip seemed to become a “balagon.” It took two days instead of one to get to Jerusalem from Rochester. The bumpy flight inhibited a good rest, my new SIM card for the phone gave me issues, and the sherut (shared taxi) driver just did not want to take us anywhere. He delayed us until the timing of our arrival was in the midst of one of Jerusalem’s severe traffic jams with roads blocked off for a parade. It took over 3 hours to get dropped off where I still had to walk about a mile with my suitcases. But God!

The airplane seats, that I had selected carefully, got cancelled and changed a few times. When I re-checked in the day after my originally scheduled flight, they had changed the seat once again. By then I had relinquished my own idea of where I wanted to sit and just gave in. Turned out it was the seat God chose. I was seated next to some wonderful believers from America who are involved in the Beautiful Land Initiative, Eretz HaTzevi, in the Galilee. We quickly became friends and I look forward to ministry times with the organization in the future. It is one of those ministry opportunities I have been interested in for over a year.

(Photo credit MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP/Getty Images)

I arrived in Jerusalem just in time to catch the entire length of the 63rd annual Jerusalem March parade. This event is organized by the International Christin Embassay in Jerusalem and the Jerusalem municipality and brings thousands of Christians from around the world to march in support of Israel. This year I heard there was a record attendance.

So finally I made it to my destination and slept soundly. Friday morning brought renewed strength for my walk to the old train station, now transformed into the First Station Jerusalem for some health food purchases. The high temperatures did not daunt my joy at traveling down the familiar streets of Arnona and back, to help prepare for the very special Sukkot Shabbat with my hostess and some friends.

Shabbat Shalom my friends!