Delays and Divine Appointments

This time a well planned trip seemed to become a “balagon.” It took two days instead of one to get to Jerusalem from Rochester. The bumpy flight inhibited a good rest, my new SIM card for the phone gave me issues, and the sherut (shared taxi) driver just did not want to take us anywhere. He delayed us until the timing of our arrival was in the midst of one of Jerusalem’s severe traffic jams with roads blocked off for a parade. It took over 3 hours to get dropped off where I still had to walk about a mile with my suitcases. But God!

The airplane seats, that I had selected carefully, got cancelled and changed a few times. When I re-checked in the day after my originally scheduled flight, they had changed the seat once again. By then I had relinquished my own idea of where I wanted to sit and just gave in. Turned out it was the seat God chose. I was seated next to some wonderful believers from America who are involved in the Beautiful Land Initiative, Eretz HaTzevi, in the Galilee. We quickly became friends and I look forward to ministry times with the organization in the future. It is one of those ministry opportunities I have been interested in for over a year.

(Photo credit MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP/Getty Images)

I arrived in Jerusalem just in time to catch the entire length of the 63rd annual Jerusalem March parade. This event is organized by the International Christin Embassay in Jerusalem and the Jerusalem municipality and brings thousands of Christians from around the world to march in support of Israel. This year I heard there was a record attendance.

So finally I made it to my destination and slept soundly. Friday morning brought renewed strength for my walk to the old train station, now transformed into the First Station Jerusalem for some health food purchases. The high temperatures did not daunt my joy at traveling down the familiar streets of Arnona and back, to help prepare for the very special Sukkot Shabbat with my hostess and some friends.

Shabbat Shalom my friends!


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