Meeting a king to eating falafal…

Who can visit Ben Yehuda at lunch-time without eating? My first falafal this trip! Yumm!!!

Divine appointments. If you expect them they happen, especially when you have hundreds of friends and family praying for you!

I met our friend Pastor Steve Umaru Bugwegwe at the Jerusalem All Nations Prayer Convocation on Thursday.  In 2005-6, we visited Pastor Umaru in Lugazi, Uganda and have remained good friends since. He is traveling with John Chrisostom Wayabira, King of OBWA IKUMBAANIA BWA BUGWERE (Bugwere Royal Kingdom),  a northern Ugandan tribal Provence. He was elected per the Ugandan law in 2015. Their website states that their mission is to “bring to20161006_124620gether over 100 clans, businesses, governments, non-state actors, and individuals to improve people’s health and wellness, increase opportunity for Bugwere to thrive, ensure sustainable food security within the realm, create economic opportunity and growth through income boost, help communities address the effects of climate change and maintain high standards of household hygiene and sanitation”. He was a Bishop prior to taking this position and is the first Christian tribal leader. God is moving in Uganda!

On Shabbat, I was invited to attend a Shabbat meal with a friend and her friends who have been associated with ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem) for many years. What a privilege to share stories of how these people have given the best part of their lives serving the people of Israel, particularly those in need and most recently holocaust survivors with awe inspiring stories depicting the worst of human indecencies being healed with the Love of Jesus. I felt privileged to hear some of the gripping inside stories that continue to motivate these kinds of people to continually live their lives in sacrifice for the gospel in comforting the Jewish people.



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We love the people of Israel, Jacob's descendants; and in today's nation of Israel, both Jew and Gentile alike. We pray for the salvation of all people who live in this land that belongs first and foremost to God. Ruth Mayfield is an author and minister who shares her faith, insight, and love of God in blogs, books, and through speaking engagements.

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