A Call to Prayer for the Middle East Today

For those who know me and are familiar with Horizon Ministries you know the Lord has spoken to me through dreams and visions, sometimes providing direction for prayer. My book, Visions in the Night gives several examples of this. God does indeed speak to us today first through His Word, the Holy Scriptures, and often in daily nudges to our hearts.

One month after 9/11, the Lord spoke to my heart and gave me the names Arafat, Hussein and Gaddafi. I had to research about these men in order to pray effective prayers concerning the Lord’s will for these men and the nations they affected as leaders. Sometimes the Lord gave specific direction for prayer, such as praying against the demonic forces that kept Arafat alive when his health was so poor that he should have died years before. All died as evil, corrupt, wicked men. Only the Lord knows the hell each encountered even prior to their deaths. His will is for all men to come to repentance.

My prayers were guided by knowledge of the Scriptures and spending much time in prayer. I had a dream in 2000 that I didn’t understand.The dream was random and chaotic but at the end the word SYRIA rose above my head in bold, capital letters. I did some research in the Bible and found only references to Assyria. I couldn’t understand what it meant because I knew it had to do with current events. I put the information on the back burner in my mind to wait for further direction from God. In 2006, while living in Jerusalem, I had a disturbing dream. Again the dream was random and chaotic but at the end there were two Muslim men dressed in long bright white robes with the word Islamist written in fancy red letters stretching from their shoulders to the hem of the garment. They were lurking in a doorway. These men looked passive but were menacing. They made my stomach churn. We all know how this evil force has arisen since then.

Syria has now been in the news for a couple years because of the horrific civil war there. In fact this is part of an all out war going on between radical Islamists and the rest of the world and it is taking place just a few miles from me as I sit in safety and security in Jerusalem. The horrible atrocities are causing shock, dismay, and terror in many. These men claim to do this in the name of Islam, but there is an evil force in this world much bigger than a religion and that is where the real war is, in the heavenlies. I read an article by Daniel Pipes called There’s No Difference between ISIS and ISIL. I strongly recommend reading this to gain insight to praying for the region. I now understand what the Lord meant by the dream about SYRIA or Assyria. The region mentioned as the Levant, or Sham in Arabic, is what is in focus. There is a map in his article that clearly shows this is more than just Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Israel in the focus of this immediate war zone. For those who may not be aware, Syria’s opposition Al-Nusra is very similar to ISIL claiming to represent the people of Sham and are thirsty for bloodshed.

Please join in prayer with millions of believers against this force of evil. Do not pray from the images and emotional response that the enemy would put in our minds and hearts. Those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits! We need to pray that the Lord will rebuke this evil and bring revelation of Himself and His Glory.

  • Pray for divine protection for the last and the least, the widows and the orphans and all in the path of this bloody destruction. Hide them in the shelter of the Lord’s wings and bring them to His Salvation. Let not one perish before he has the chance to know the Lord.
  • Pray for wisdom, for those on the ground trying to survive, as well as leaders of governments, religious, and relief organizations all on the front-lines of the battle in some way. Likewise pray for confusion in the enemies’ camps.
  • Pray that the Lord will rebuke this evil. His victory is assured, but he calls us to battle with Him through praying His Will found in the Scriptures. No force of man is adequate to overcome this evil.
  • Pray for peace that passes understand to come to those affected by these conflicts, especially in those lands where battles are fought daily, but also in the battleground of the hearts around the world.
  • The Lord repeatedly says, “Fear not!” in the Scriptures. Pray against that paralyzing fear and for boldness for believers to stand with the Word of God.

I am not listing scriptures for you to pray but suggesting you will open your Bible and begin to pray God’s will in the situation by praying the words of scripture. A great place to start is in the Psalms. We must know the heart of God by being very familiar with His Word and reading it daily so that our hearts will not be swayed by the evil encroaching around us. God is speaking to all of us in this hour, we cannot pretend we don’t hear the cries of those suffering and the Holy Spirit’s call to join this battle against evil and pray effective prayers. Will you answer His call?

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We love the people of Israel, Jacob's descendants; and in today's nation of Israel, both Jew and Gentile alike. We pray for the salvation of all people who live in this land that belongs first and foremost to God. Ruth Mayfield is an author and minister who shares her faith, insight, and love of God in blogs, books, and through speaking engagements.

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    Our friend Ruth Mayfield is in Israel on a prayer mission, and here she lays out some specific ways we can pray for the Middle East in this hour. Even while we Stand and Wait, we are doing battle in the heavenlies through prayer.


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